25 Dreadfully Bad Sunburns

9. He’s wearing his favorite pink shirt

Fashions change. It looks like the pink shirts for guys are in these days! However, I don’t think most of them include nipples.

10. He’s pretty cheery for someone who looks like THAT

This guy is all smiles, but he should be in a little pain. Just looking at the contrast between his burned and unburned skin is painful.

11. Maybe she fell asleep with some ice cream

Anybody want to bet on what this burn is? Ice cream, cereal, or soup are all legitimate guesses – although hopefully, no one tries to eat soup on a hot day.

12. A hat and sunglasses don’t cut it

This guy might be laughing at his new weird look, but take note of all – a hat and sunglasses aren’t enough to protect from the sun. ¡ You need real sunscreen!

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