These Selfie Fails Will Make You Think Twice

Everyone is guilty of taking a selfie once in a while, and most of the time they turn out great. But there are people who ruin everything because they forgot to check their records. This article gives us a humorous reminder that sometimes breaking your face is not always a good thing. If you find this a little hard to believe then go ahead and take a look at the selfie disasters people have created for themselves.

Photobombed By A Spider

Who doesn’t like taking selfies? Well, girls definitely do and always go one step further to make it perfect. The selfie becomes even more special if you have a sister or a best friend to help you. But it seems that fate had something in mind in this case when a spider decided to photograph the selfie and, as you can see, the result is hilarious.

Poop On The Head

What can be better than a parent-child selfie? Especially if the environment and environment are natural, there’s no way anything can go wrong. But does this dog seem to have something else in mind, or should we say, in his belly?

Even The Dog Is Crazed With Her Selfie Habit

Looks like this girl has a bad habit of taking too many selfies. She is clicking more than necessary and thus attracting the attention of more people around her. Even the dog goes crazy about the camera flashlight on his phone blinding him almost all the time. So much so that he decided to teach her a lesson through a classic photo bomb pose.

Who Can Take A Better Selfie Than Mama?

Children are always the apple of their mother’s eye. Whatever annoyance they create or whatever stupidity they act, mothers seem to be surprised by anything and everything. This lady took her love for her son a step further and decided to take a polished selfie for him. If I hadn’t been standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

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