20 Paparazzi Photos So Bad These Celebs Could Not Recover From Them

Paparazzi and celebrities have been fighting forever. Like Tom and Jerry, these two sides of the fame coin come and go from each other: the paps trying to trap celebrities in the most compromising and controversial positions and the celebrities trying to discredit, dishonor and even troll camera photographers. While we can certainly empathize with celebrities, imagining how frustrating it can be to try to live a peaceful and private life with cameras always on your face, we also understand that not all paparazzi are horrible human beings. Some are respectful and courteous, just trying to do their job.But even the bad guys manage to impress us sometimes. We may not agree with how they got their photos, but we like to look at them.

Over the years, there have been countless embarrassing photos of celebrities. From wardrobe damage to bad falls, scandals to unflattering looks, we’ve all seen them. But you need a special photo to make a career practically collapse on itself. Of course, in many cases, these photos are more a representation of an exploding celebrity’s career than the cause of the explosion, but each of these photos have become synonymous with failed careers.

For some of the celebrities featured in these photos, their careers may have bounced at some point, but their reputation never did. These photos represent some of the most humiliating moments in the world of celebrities, moments so massive, we have never been able to forget them Here 20 Paparazzi Photos so bad These celebrities could not recover from them.20

It was one of the big moments of 2007. Britney Spears was going through a turbulent custody battle and a career in decline and had just shaved her head. It was crazy. On this night, the singer stopped to get gas, her freshly shaved head glowing in the moonlight, and photographers surrounded her like predators upon their prey. They took picture after picture, every photographer trying to get a reaction from Britney. Well, they got one. A paparazzo, Daniel Ramos, took the hit for the team. Britney grabbed an umbrella and went crazy in his SUV. This iconic image is one that Britney could never overcome. Despite reviving his singing career, no fan will forget Britney’s crazy period.

Kate Moss likes what? For the younger generation that wasn’t around when Kate Moss was one of the largest models on the planet, many only associate her with cocaine. This is due to a long-lasting domino effect of the consequences of scandalous photos printed in almost all magazines and newspapers in the early 2000s by Moss alongside lines of white powder. After the scandal, Moss lost several high-profile modeling gigs and was the target of quite a reaction from the industry. Obviously, her career survived, and Moss managed to do quite well, but her reputation as a wild child never left her side.

MICHAEL JACKSON AND THE BABY BALCONYWhat triggered the downfall of Michael Jackson’s career may have been his 2001 flop, but the moment that made everyone pay attention to his career fell apart in 2002 with the picture of the baby hanging. While in Berlin, ironically for his philanthropic efforts for children, Jackson was bombarded by photographers outside his hotel window. Cheerfully and naively, Jackson grabbed his nine-month-old son, Prince Michael II, to brag. With a towel over his head, the King of Pop hung the baby fighting on the balcony. In truth, it was probably not the worst thing. But the photos and headlines made Jackson look mentally unstable.

TARA REID AND THE WARDROBE It’s hard to pinpoint when Tara Reid’s career started to go downhill, but if we were forced to make a decision, it would probably be the malfunctioning wardrobe at Diddy’s birthday party in 2004. It’s a strange moment because it wasn’t Reid’s fault. One of the shoulder straps on her dress fell off and exposed her chest. It has happened to many women, famous and not. But with Reid, it was perceived differently. The audience saw her as drunken, distant and “out of control,” no matter how foolish. It wasn’t long after this incident that Reid got some particular bad job done on his body, and now we have like six Sharknado movies.

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