16 photoshop “requests” taken literally that will have you laughing out loud

Photoshop can sometimes be a controversial topic. Although it can sometimes be used properly and in moderation, it can also be abused at other times. Extreme facial adjustments, body remodelings and more are happening in the celebrity world, but what happens when you take these extremes and… intensify them even more?

Enter James Fridman, the hilarious Photoshop pro who brings his skills to a whole new level. He has earned a lot of success on the Internet and, for good reason, his pictures are hilarious.

Submit your application via Facebook or Twitter. Want to be bigger? Want to clean something up in the background? No problem. James will come back with the most perfect solution. Or the most literal solution.

Be careful what you wish for.

Something scary

Someone asked him to put something scary behind them and James added Teletubbies. Honestly, accurate.

Pocket disappearing

“Can you make the phone disappear in my pocket?”
…Be careful what you want.

No Photoshop at all

Sometimes, when James is not joking, he teaches us really incredible lessons on Photoshop and body image.

Here’s a sign to hold

Maybe not the sign she wanted, but it’s funny.

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