14+ people who transformed into a whole new person after weight loss

How many times have you looked at someone and thought that they need to lose weight? Have you considered how difficult this might be for some?
Or maybe you tried to lose weight yourself. Even losing 20 pounds can be difficult. Imagine having more than a hundred pounds to lose, or even more than 200!

The amount of effort and tenacity these people are doing to feel better and look better is really incredible.

Here are over 14 people who deserve to be congratulated for their hard work.

1. Decrease of 230 pounds

It took him three years, but he did it. He says he’s now “half the man I was”.

2. 8 years in preparation

She says that eight years ago she could barely get up. Look at her now. She just ran an 8.7 mile marathon in less than 1.5 hours.

3. Decrease of 90 pounds

Not only has it lost a significant amount of weight, look at this new body. From swollen and soft to defined and hard.

4. Love handles

From roly-poly to slender. Look at the difference a loss of 100 pounds can make.

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