16 Creepiest Things Ever Caught On Security Camera

A Person Who Never Left The House

“Last week we had to call the cops when my girlfriend’s cellphone was stolen off the porch of our apartment which is a room sectioned off on the first floor of an old mansion with a fenced in balcony/porch. Officer asked to see surveillance tapes and the maintenance guy let us come along and watch to help with time frames and narrow down the footage. Unfortunately, we never saw the person who took her phone. Right about the time we expected to see someone grab the phone, however, we did see a man (not a resident, there are four of us and we all know each other) who appeared to be running from something frantically and at full force enter the only door of the building and never leave even after over 24 hours of footage.” —Reddit user muzau.

An Elevator Meltdown

When guests of the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles complained of low water pressure in their rooms, employees went up to the roof to check out the hotel’s water tanks. Instead of faulty wiring or a broken pipe, they found the dead body of Elisa Lam, a young woman who’d been traveling alone. Police deemed her death a drowning. But before she died, Lam appeared in some odd security footage taken in an elevator. In it, she seemingly speaks to someone, presses all the buttons, and peaks her head out as though looking for a person she’s scared of. The video has been scrutinized by law enforcement and conspiracy theorists.

The Image Of A Wounded Man

“I edited together the footage from the security cameras outside Pulse before, during, and after the shooting. Though there were many sad and/or disturbing things to be seen, the strange one was a wounded man that appeared out of nowhere. He waved his hands for help and the cops came over and carried him to safety. I tried numerous times to rewind to find out where he came from, but he was just there or he wasn’t. He didn’t crawl to where he had gotten, he just appeared. He looked like he made it out OK.” —Reddit user etchie. Next, don’t miss these true ghost stories from some of the most haunted places in the world that will give you serious chills.

Art Sombre

Sister looses her twin sister. But she is still with her in spirit. Always and forever. The blonde in the pic.


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