Wonderfully Clueless People Who Forgot We Can See What’s Behind Them

As a rule of thumb, selfies must be captured after critically assessing your surroundings. Yet again people fall a prey to the moment and fail to observe things going around them.
Such cases cast an eternal impact on the Internet because of their awkwardness.
A warning: Reflections will never fade unless someone is an old vampire.

Is it ok to sleep with giant earrings and a scarf?

For her, US refers to her phone and her, apparently.
BAE highlights the split personality type that is worrisome for a range of reasons.
Pray for her to have a sound sleep without emergence of panic and bae.

Selfing while pooping

A rare sight to catch! Have you ever come across such an ecstatic person in the bathroom? You may have but that person would not share that joy with the public.
She’s glad after she lightened her weight.

It is relatable but goes on and on…

This surely was a deliberate attempt. Most folks will simply prefer privacy over sizzling and silly techniques. Although an optical illusion, the result is fantastic.

I forgot something….

When legs are naked, people express smooth expressions than this man here. We added a smiley to honor the peculiar sensibilities from the naked realities of the scenario.

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