We Found the 17 Best GIFs on the Whole Internet

These are the best GIFs on the Internet.
I will be honest and say most of them involve adorable animals. I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t make the rules. Actually, I do, and I chose mostly GIFs with cute animals.
You’re welcome.

This cat hug


Starting off sweet with this GIF you could probably watch forever and ever without getting tired of it.
How cute is this cat love?

This very special duck crossing

Duck crosswalk guard

I don’t know who this crossing guard is, but please. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. This is so precious. Let’s do the right thing, society.

This owl with attitude

You know Carl, I'm getting really tired of your shit

I love love love how he runs away really fast right after he poops on his friend.
He knows what he did.

This spooky encounter

When you see a ghost but remember your training

It’s hilarious enough that he runs away from what is clearly a person wearing a sheet. But the return is epic.
This next one demonstrates a perfect dog paddle…

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