Top 16 Worst Walmart Customers Ever

10. It seems that napping is a very common factor when buying from Walmart. Does the child have a bar code on him to be scanned by the machine? I suppose the fixed movement of the rotator belt is enough to put the child to sleep.

11. This may be a basic punishment for the father. I wonder how embarrassed that man’s daughter was to be seen walking with him in public. It is the parental role that is best, that is to say that it is always better to set an example. Do you suppose they discovered their lesson?

12. It is always nice to dress, and I suppose some people like to say that only a little more than others. Does this imply a form of imitation of a child or a toddler? And this guy seems to be really big, bravo for having found a onesie(?) that matches (barely.)

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