This Mother Was Preparing For Her Twins But Then Everything Changed

Alexandra Kinova and her husband Antonin Kroscen intended to start a family and were not prepared for what would happen. They thought they had time before they started their family together, but they found out she was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, a visit to the doctor revealed something unexpected…

Change to alternate

She looked first on the monitor and then at her ever-growing abdomen. She was only in her second trimester, however, she seemed to have grown a lot lately. She knew something had to be confused. She couldn’t take a break, and she or he was continually hungry. Again, among the different issues, at all times given the impression of being painful, and typically, she just didn’t feel well.
Shaniece Sturdy was younger when she decided to turn into a surrogate. She had done nothing of the sort earlier, and at the age of 21, she didn’t really know what to expect. However, it certainly wasn’t that.


Shaniece remained nervous on the desk because the nurse squeezed the frozen jelly on her abdomen, after which the ultrasound instrument rubbed her entire spherical belly. “These symptoms are quite normal for a first pregnancy,” the nurse calmly defined in the performance of her duties. However, Shaniece was not sure.
She looked because the display screen reflected a fuzzy mixture of grey and black, and she or he held his breath in anticipation and anxiety. Finally, she managed to ask, “Is everything okay?” The nurse did not answer. As an alternative, she talked about a doctor.

Where it started

Standing up as a little woman, Shaniece had always identified that she needed to be a mother and have her family one day. It was one of her dreams and what she planned to achieve when she was finally old enough. She grew up with two fathers and a mother who had met and fell in love once younger, just 16 years earlier. She also had an older sister who married her childhood love as quickly as everyone finished university.

A sweet-bitter farewell

Shaniece and his older sister were a number of years apart, and so they spent much of their childhood preventing and arguing, but they were also companions who cherished one another. She was just 14 years old when Linda, her sister, moved to maneuver with her accomplice, and Shaniece was excited. Finally, she should not tolerate Linda making unreasonable calls or their fixed prevention.

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