21 Hilarious perfectly-timed pictures

Perfectly-timed pictures can go completely wrong or right, there is no in between, no “meh” feeling about them. They are proof that art and beauty can happen any time with the aid of the universe or God-knows-who. This is for when everything goes right.

My explanation for when everything goes wrong and two old men wearing a kippah are photographed near a poster of women in bikinis so they’re actually wearing a quite exotic final outfit…my explanation for this situation doesn’t exist. Maybe life is just having fun playing pranks on us because… why not?

Anyways, if you want to brighten up your day a little and feel a little uninspired, these 21 hilarious perfectly-timed pictures will do just that for you. Maybe this is why the Internet exists, so we can see the bright side of things (if only this was the only purpose of the Internet…)





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