17 Most Epic Cheerleaders Fails

They are athletes and gymnasts in their own right, but even the most professional cheerleaders can have some mishap. From catastrophic plants from the face to accidentally suggestive poses – see the lady upstairs – these cheerleading failures will make you laugh, grimace and, in some cases, let you need a little lie.

Sometimes cheerleaders get so caught up in acting that they forget a camera might be watching. Look at this ballerina, who’s so in the zone she’s forgotten her sexy-cool face.

Daily Quenchers

If you’re happy and you know it, applaud. This girl clearly cannot believe her luck of being chosen for the cheerleading team – that pure, unbridled joy is not being contained.


With lots of practice cheerleaders can glide through the air as gracefully and effortlessly as a gazelle. Their landings, however, are not always as smooth, as the painful expression of this type shows.


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