11 Fake Viral Photos People Believed Were Real

The term ‘ Fake News’ has recently become quite common, but the algorithm for today’s images will easily fool even those of us with the most observing eyes. So much of these pictures are 100% true to you? From the tsunami of viral rice to the first dab’s legendary picture. This collection, assembled by our staff, will present the reality and often the unpleasant truth behind the popular Internet images, so that it can wake up your eyes again and affirm that you do not trust everything that you see online.

#1 Image By MGM Intro behind the scenes.

A video of a lion hooked into the machine for the famous MGM intrusion scream of a lion is only an illustration of a lion handled in the veterinary clinic. Luckily the lion healed amazingly and is now absolutely healthy. Ironically, the latest one’s name is Leo has starred in several films since 1997, with 7 lions used to render the MGM intro.

#2 The Mustache wasn’t enough to include the angry eyebrows

The internet loves just animals, particularly if they look weird or lovely or all at once. No wonder a cat with cute mouse and eyebrows is made into a viral image. Okay, this tale comes with a bright side, the cat just has this awesome mouse, but the video manipulation is complicated.

#3 An Amazing Fried Rice Wave Builder.

The fried picture, with a guy on his pot creating an amazing rice break, was one of the newest viral phenomena. The picture was quickly posted on-line and citizens worldwide started to upload their own photo shopping pictures of rice stream. The photo is actually false, as rice is a model sold in a fictional Tokyo food market.

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